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About Us

Pre-Seed Venture Capital Firm is a Pre-Seed venture capital firm that draws from top Italian talents and fosters the creation of successful Silicon Valley Realities. We aim to be the first institutional money invested in the company after Friends&Family/Angel Investors.

We have the determination to make the startups in our portfolio bloom absolutely faster than usual, thanks to the proximity of our team to the Silicon Valley mindset. will connect Italy and the Silicon Valley, even its name helps connect the dots. Lombard Street is a famous street in San Francisco and Lombardy is the geographical area where we live in Italy.
Our investment strategy is very specific: we invest in Silicon Valley based US corporations (C-Corp) founded by Italian people. We focus our effort on software products primarily, but we are interested in evaluating companies outside the software space as well — if the opportunity is big and its founders are strongly determined to win.

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We Team Up With Founders On Their Next Big Thing

Italian top talents are scouted around the world and high-tech startups are created in Silicon Valley. We provide expertise, funding and guidance to ensure the creation of highly successful tech companies in the US, led by Italian people.

We team up with great founders, making the process of developing their business extremely efficient and effective. We work with them up to 18 months because we believe that good entrepreneurship practices can be replicated and improved.
We stick with founders through thick and thin, and we like to be their first call during the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey.

If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.
— Sheryl Sandberg - COO of Facebook
Our Philosophy

The way we work and what we provide



We are experts at strategy, design, technology, marketing, growth and fundraising. We created successful companies in Italy and in Silicon Valley during the last 20 years and we want to help you to create yours.



We typically invest up to $350­k per deal, and continue to support a few selected companies with capital as they grow. We aim to be the first institutional money invested in the company after Friends&Family/Angel Investors.


R&D in Italy

Silicon Valley is a great place for a startup to learn and grow up, but at the same time it’s really expensive to locate the entire team there. As an Italian startup founder, the best way to become a global winner is to move your R&D to Italy, and your Business & Marketing to Silicon Valley.



We have built relationships and created our network during the years and we welcome our founders into our passionate community of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors. Our small portfolio ensure we provide individual attention that results in high ­quality connections to capital, talent and customers.

Our Partners
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