Meet the team

Luigi Bajetti

Founder & Managing Partner

Luigi learned how a global company was born and keep growing working in his 3rd generation multinational family company (Lucchini Group, a primary player in the steel market) and everything since he was young was about entrepreneurship. He became a full technology expert and in 2002 launched an Internet Service Provider in Northern Italy. Since then he has created several tech companies and in 2013 he sold the ISP company and started to invest in Silicon Valley startups. In 2014 he founded a new startup in the private photo sharing space with HQ in California and engineering team in Italy.

Massimo Sgrelli

Founder & Managing Partner

Massimo started working on the Internet in 1991. At the beginning of his career he worked for companies like Telecom Italia and Accenture as TCP/IP technology expert first and manager later. In 2001 he became an entrepreneur and since then he has created successful companies in Italy and in California. In 2012 he left the Italian technology group he created 11 years before and in 2013 he co-founded a new tech startup in San Francisco (Sysdig). He has invested in successful Silicon Valley startups founded by Italians since 2010 and collaborated as mentor and advisor for hundreds of startups in the last 10 years.

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