Our Approach

Lombardstreet Ventures is a new breed of Pre-Seed VC

The best chance to win big in San Francisco, especially when you are an early-stage company, is to recruit top engineers and keep your burn rate low. How? You keep founders in Silicon Valley and hire talented people where you can find them. A distributed team is the key to success today. We scouts high-tech opportunities all over the world, and fosters the creation of successful Silicon Valley realities. We aim to be the first institutional money invested in the company after Friends&Family or Angel Investors.

Our Philosophy

We invest in tech moat companies based in Silicon Valley with distributed teams, following them up to 18 months.

How We Work

We provide expertise, funding and guidance to ensure the creation of highly successful tech companies in the US.

Startup Advisory

At Lombardstreet Ventures we are proud to offer advisory services to some startups outside our portfolio of investments.

We work with entrepreneurs as much as we can, because Seed investment is not just providing connections: it ‘s working, sweating and struggling hand to hand with founders.


Some of the Founders We Backed

The Founders

Meet the Team

Luigi Bajetti

Founder & Managing Partner

Luigi learned how a company can become a global player working in his 3rd generation multinational family group, Lucchini Group, a primary player in the steel market, and everything since he was young was about entrepreneurship. Following his passion, in 2002 he decided to turn to a full-time tech entrepreneur and created a major Internet Service Provider company in Italy and then a private photo sharing online service between Italy and California. In 2013 he sold the ISP company and become an investor in Silicon Valley startups.

Massimo Sgrelli

Founder & Managing Partner

Massimo has been a high-tech entrepreneur for more than 15 years. He worked in Telecom Italia, Accenture and Yond (Fininvest Group). His first company grew to more than 1,000 people in less than 10 years. In 2006 he started traveling between Italy and Silicon Valley looking for new business opportunities and started investing in Silicon Valley startups founded by Italians. He advised hundred of startups in his career and in 2013 moved to California where he co-founded Sysdig, a Linux containers visibility tool and a fast-growing high-tech company in San Francisco.


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