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LombardStreet Build.

At LombardStreet Build we help customers to define, design and create new products. Most of the new projects fail because of poor User Experience (UX), and ineffective product strategy. We have gathered a distributed team of seasoned professionals with more than 20 years in designing experiences and programming rock-solid applications.

We are passionate about creating high-tech companies. We focus on helping startups with the product strategy, UX design, and software development.

With people working across North America and Italy, we build modern technology products, by blending strategy, design and software engineering.


We Put Design First.

Life is too short to design products that suck.

To the user, the interface is the product. We build experiences that are personalized in their context and so natural, they simply feel like an extension of the person that is using them. Easy to use, beautiful, and purposeful. A simply beautiful interface is always at the interception of the business needs and simplicity.

We believe that UX is where you need to start, and we can boost your product with great Italian designers.


Italian UX Design Since Day One

Start like a pro at a fixed price & get the work done in 2 weeks.

Software Development.

We develop software for startups and companies that want to innovate their products, processes or be closer to their customers. Soon, every company will be a software company, and to lead its own market segment it needs to learn how to move fast.

Software Engineering is about code, pure and simple. Whether it’s compiled or interpreted, n-tier or serverless, our engineers build custom, fast, clean, and reliable code that drives business outcomes for our clients every day. We are experts in quality. Period.


Startup Advisory.

We know how to design startups that attract capital.

We created successful companies in Italy and in Silicon Valley during the last 20 years and we can help to create yours.

A great company starts with a good idea and a clear userbase. Winning is not something that happens without planning, thinking and experimenting a lot.

We work with Silicon Valley founders and with founders outside the Valley that aim to relocate their business in San Francisco and make bigger bets.

Building anywhere.
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