Learn how Silicon Valley works and how to move your business or invest in the Bay Area

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The Silicon Valley Way.

After more than ten years spent working, investing and living the Silicon Valley mindset, we created a coaching program to share what we learned with people outside the Valley.

We help startup founders, investors, entrepreneurs, and startup hubs outside the Bay Area to understand how Silicon Valley works from the inside. Some want to learn how to become an angel investor, some want to open a new business in the area or even move their startup in San Francisco.

We work with them all to make their dream real and avoiding commons mistakes.

The Silicon Valley Way

Silicon Valley Bootcamp programs.

Bootcamp programs have been studied to help people approach Silicon Valley in just a few days.

A transformational and intensive one-week program designed for early-stage companies. You will work closely with some of the brightest and most talented mentors from around the world in small group workshops and one-on-one sessions.


for Startup Founders

A five-days crash course in Menlo Park to understand how Silicon Valley works, how to move the HQ of their startup in the area, and be quickly part of its ecosystem. Bootstrap in your country and maybe keep the R&D team or the Engineering team there is a great choice. Sooner or later most of the startups that want to learn and scale faster, decide to move their HQ in the Valley. It’s a lot better to know how things work here very early in your startup journey. When is it the right time to create a corporation? Can I raise capital in my own country and then move my company years later? These and many others are common questions for startups that don’t know how Silicon Valley works and what unwritten rules drive the decision process in the most famous startup ecosystem in the world.

Program details:

  • 5 days of training
  • Menlo Park (CA)
  • Lunch included

for Angel Investors

A five-day intensive course for entrepreneurs and top managers outside the Bay Area who want to learn how to become angel investors in San Francisco. Be a Silicon Valley angel investor is easier than you think, but you are supposed to know many important things that you can find neither in books nor in college. Learn how Silicon Valley operates, how pre-seed and seed investment in startups works, how to select a founding team to invest in.

Program details:

  • 5 days of training
  • Menlo Park (CA)
  • Lunch included
You can create your startup everywhere in the world, but you have to understand how things work in the Valley.

Ride the wave to Silicon Valley.

One-to-one training and support programs from six to twelve months long.

This program is focused on giving founders, entrepreneurs, and startup hub managers a clear understanding of how the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem works and why it is so different.


for Founders, Investors, Entrepreneurs

Startups are global companies: talents, investors, customers are all global. All startups in the world compete in the same worldwide market, and that is independent of startups’ geographic location. For this reason, everyone who wants to compete or advise on this business has to understand the Silicon Valley ecosystem custom and practice.

These skills cannot be learned from books or the Internet. You need to be there or be trained by people who live in that world every single day.

We studied several tracks based on people’s needs:

  • Become an investor in Silicon Valley startups
  • Understand the Silicon Valley ecosystem and how global a startup works (for Startup Hub)
  • Move your startup to Silicon Valley while maintaining R&D in Italy

Program details:

  • 6-to-12-month training
  • One-to-One remote video session
  • Few hours per week planned case by case
  • Coaching in Silicon Valley
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